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Smart Human Resource
Management Software

  • Recruitment System.
  • Employee Management.
  • Employee of the Month.
  • Employee Services.
  • Job Description.
  • Manpower Budget.
Smart Human Resource
Files Software

  • Track Employee Information in Soft & Hard Form.
  • Update and Audit Employee Information.
  • Record Keeping Of Employee Personal Files.
Smart Time & Attendance Management Software

  • Leave Record.
  • Attendance Record.
  • Rest & Shift Change Record.
  • Lateness Reports.
  • Daily In Out.
  • Manpower Budget.
Smart Payroll Management

  • Salary Preparation.
  • Days Calculations.
  • Deductions.
  • Reimbursements.
  • Salary Sheet.
  • Financial Cost Reports.
Why Smart HR Consultant?

Smart HR Consultant provides Human Resource Management solutions to businesses to effectively and efficiently manage their people for the benefit of all stakeholders.
Human Resource Management includes the management of the people in the organization whereas, the impact of HRM invovles:

Company: Profitability, Growth.
Employee: Job Security, Job Opportunities, High income, Career Progress.
Society: Responsible citizen, Obey The Law.

How can a firm gain competitive advantage?
Through its knowledgeable, committed, skilled and trained workeforce. The business function responsible is Human Resource Management. Goal setting and planning is not enough for success unless accompanied with practical efforts so, put your practical efforts by joining the Smart HR Consultant.

Ten good reasons to use services offered by Smart HR Consultant

1-Quality product.
2-High Level of HR practices.
3-A Fully Open system.
4-Have the tendency to grow with the business.
5-Easy to use.
6-Flexible Standard reports that can be tailored as per requirement, saved and then used again.
8-Accuracy of data for decision making.
9-Decrease the HR cost.
10-Strategic role in business.

Smart HR Consultant FAQ's
  • How I can purchase a single license?
  • How I can purchase package?
  • Why Smart HR Consultant is suited to all type of organization?
  • What services does Smart HR Consultant are offering?
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Smart HR Consultant is one of the best Human Resource Management services provider ever. They have the tendency to provide customized solution for all the organization having different sizes & business nature

Skills of a successful HR Manager
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Patience
  • Convincing Power
  • Communication & Presentations Skills
  • Coordination Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • more...